What's New

1. Correct the reading of color pixel from Photo
2. Adding 4 type of Color Palette features
- Custom Palette
- Scheme Palette
- Photo Color Palette
- Photo Pixelate

App Description

Color Picker Play is an app for you to work and play with Color.

It provide tools for:
- Choosing a color in 5 color modes
- Choosing a color from predefined color set
- Create color palettes to organize your colors
- Create color palettes with Color Scheme
- Create and customize your own Color Scheme

Color Picker/Chooser Tools:
- Slide
- Square
- Color Wheel
- Color Swatch
- Color from Photo
- Extract color from live camera

Predefined color set
- iOS Standard Color
- OSX Crayon
- Websafe
- CSS Basic
- CSS Extended

Supporting following Color Mode
- Gray

There are 4 types of Color palette
1. Custom Palette - let you manually add/modify/delete color as you wish
2. Color Scheme - producing 5 colors base on the key color and the selected scheme
3. Photo Color - let you extract colors from favorite photos
4. Photo Pixelate - create colors by extract colors from a photo and blend it together

Color Scheme provided with application
- Analogous
- Complementary
- Tints
- Shades
- Tones
- Split Complementary
- Triadic
- Square

Creating Custom Color Scheme is very easy.
In the Scheme palette, once you unlink any specific color from the others, a new Color Scheme is automatically created

Other features including
- Mail a color or a palette
- View color in full screen or view palette in full screen with adjustable brightness
- Export palette as an image to photo library
- Export/Copy palette to custom palette
- View color shade of a specific color

Shading provide in 6 modes
- Black&White - create a shading of specific color to white and black
- HSB-S - create a shading of specific color only on Saturation channel on HSB color mode
- HSB-B - create a shading of specific color only on Brightness channel on HSB color mode
- HSV-S - create a shading of specific color only on Saturation channel on HSV color mode
- HSV-V - create a shading of specific color only on Value channel on HSV color mode

iPhone Screenshots

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Color Picker - Play screenshot 1 Color Picker - Play screenshot 2 Color Picker - Play screenshot 3 Color Picker - Play screenshot 4 Color Picker - Play screenshot 5

App Changes

  • June 14, 2014 Initial release

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