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3D dictionary of Chinese indigenous cultures(CIC 3D-Dictionary) is the aids of other words dictionary. 3D dictionary supply the visual and dynamic description of the phenomenon of china indigenous culture by modern 3D animation method and realistic approaching way. It's easy for Cultural exchange between different languages with the means of artistic expression and the strong visual sense. The categories of 3D dictionary are including to KungFu、Opera、Instrument、Qigong、Dance. The expression of 3D dictionary have three ways: picture,3D animation , 3D animation user experience. 中国土著文化3D词典(3D dictionary of Chinese indigenous cultures ),简称CIC 3D-Dictionary,是其它文字词典的辅助工具。3D词典运用现代3D动画技术,以写实的手法对中国土著文化现象进行了直观和动态的描述。可以跨越语言障碍,实现不同语种之间的文化交流。 3D词典加重了艺术的渲染效果,有较强的观赏性。 3D词典分类为:武术、戏曲、乐器、气功、舞蹈。 3D词典的表现方式主要分为:图片、3D动画、三维空间用户体验动画。

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