What's New

What's New:
- Added camera options for the Local and Away IP's and ports. MobiLinc will auto-determine which IP is the best path to take based on cell, Wi-Fi, and reachability.
- IP Cameras on the iPhone: If you turn the single camera view on the iPhone to landscape, the IP Camera stream will fill the screen.
- Added Voice Control option to enable/disable Bluetooth input.

Bug Fixes:
- On startup, MobiLinc will attempt to recover lost IP Cameras from a previous bug where the IP camera(s) appeared to disappear after a profile was renamed. MobiLinc will present options to restore the camera(s) to another profile or to simply delete these restored cameras.
- Fixed a bug where the cameras would appear to be "lost" if the Profile was renamed.
- Fixed a bug with ISY auto-discovery if using a direct IP connection.
- Fixed a bug with the audio chart and energy chart stack layout.
- Fixed a bug that caused background music to stop playing when opening MobiLinc.
- Several stability fixes with Voice Control and overall operation on iOS 7.1
- PTZ commands now honor the HTTPS setting for the camera.
- Fixed a bug where the iPhone camera collections wouldn't update properly when switching profiles.
- Fixed an iPhone startup password bug when the startup page was also set to a specific start page.
- Fixed a bug where renaming a Thermostat wouldn't notify the voice module of the new name.
- Auto-handles (ignores) ISY added "-" in the Thermostat name when calculating the voice name of the thermostat for voice control.

App Description

-> Supports Voice Control (w/plug-in)
-> Supports Geo-fencing (ISY Only)
-> Supports PUSH Notifications (MobiLinc Connect)
-> Retina Compatible!

Introducing Orchestrated MobiLinc – Infusing your home with energy management intelligence from the palm of your hand.

Mobile Integrated Solutions and Orchestrated Home have partnered to bring an affordable home automation solution that effortlessly manages your home's lighting and small appliance energy consumption. Orchestrated MobiLinc works in concert with the powerful and affordable Universal Devices ISY-99x series controller and the many INSTEON-enabled home automation devices.

Building on our popular MobiLinc HD iPad/iPhone app, the core of Orchestrated MobiLinc is Resource Manager Technology that translates your energy management needs into powerful ISY-99x series programs and commands. With just a few taps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can easily specify if and when a light or device should be automatically turned off to save energy, automatically turned on or off with the integrated timers feature, or respond to your presence with INSTEON motion detectors. Should you need to temporarily disable the energy management features for a device, Resource Manager allows for you to override your custom settings right from your INSTEON switch, dimmer, or keypad without having to launch Orchestrated MobiLinc.

With Orchestrated MobiLinc, ISY-99x series, and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you have one of the most powerful and affordable home automation systems available today and the energy management intelligence to save you real dollars on your energy bill. Plus, this system is affordable for every home even before it starts paying for itself. Visit www.OrchestratedHome.com for more information and to learn how you can receive Orchestrated MobiLinc by purchasing a bundled system.

- IP Cameras. Supports over 200 IP Camera Manufacturers. See http://mobilinc.com for a complete list. RTSP (H.264/MPEG4/Sound), JPEG, MJPEG, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls supported.
- Voice Control.
- ELK Security panel. Arm/disarm areas, control outputs, and see zone status. Requires the ISY-ELK plug-in.

Other Features:
- PUSH Notifications on device, program, variable, security changes (MobiLinc Connect Only).
- Geo-fence Awareness. MobiLinc is location aware and can set a variable in the ISY indicating if your iOS device is inside (1) or outside (0) of the defined region. You can then use this variable how you see fit in your ISY programs. For example:
If your iPhone is leaving home, set the alarm and turn the inside lights off.
If your iPhone is arriving home, open the garage door, disarm area(s), and turn the inside lights on.

*Requires the Universal Devices ISY-99x series with firmware 2.7.15 or later w/2413S PLM.
**Orchestrated MobiLinc is limited to the ISY line of controllers due to the inclusion of Resource Manager and will not work with the SmartLinc 2412N or PowerLinc 2414 controllers. Please choose MobiLinc HD or MobiLinc Pro instead if you own either the SmartLinc or PowerLinc.

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

May 14, 2014 New version 4.00.10
March 12, 2014 New version 4.00.02
March 07, 2014 New version 4.00.01
March 03, 2014 New version 4.00.00
July 19, 2013 New version 3.21.03
June 11, 2013 New version 3.21.01
August 05, 2010 Initial Release

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