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Research shows that up to 80% of everything you learn comes through your
eyes and some psychologists believe that most people use only one-
fifth of their available mind-power to process information? That is
where MemorEYES comes in. A simple training game that when used up to
30 minutes per day can make your visual system a super computer. Read
faster, react faster, and remember more. All of those can be improved
using MemorEYES.

Studies have shown that you can increase your reading skills by using
the technology that MemorEYES employs. Increases in words per minute
(WPM) and comprehension have been well documented using this type of
training. Ordinary people have gained over 100 WPM and increased
their comprehension from 52 to 85 percent just by using this technique
(the average educated adult usually has a 50 percent comprehension
rate!). Imagine being able to read a book, letters or manuals faster
and retain more information.

MemorEYES’s effectiveness isn’t just limited to academics. It can
have the same effect for athletes. Many college and professional
athletes use this technology. Professional
baseball players have 4/10 of a second from the time a pitcher
releases a ball until it hits the catchers mitt. The ability to
recognize the type of pitch, it's speed and rotation is paramount it
making solid contact. MemorEYES plays a vital role in training that
process. Have you ever heard an athlete talk about the game slowing
down? When your visual system is running at peak performance, it
processes everything so much quicker that is seems like things are
moving at a slower speed thus allowing you to “be ahead of the
game.” The old adage in sports is “if you have to stop and think
about what to do next, you are too late.” Baseball, basketball,
football, hockey, tennis- this list of sports that MemorEYES can help
you with is endless.

As an interesting side note, original use of this technology started in WWII training military (especially pilots) to recognize aircraft as friend or foe.

Before you start using our product, take a book and see how many words
per minute (WPM) you can read or get MemorEYES (full version) and take our free reading and comprehension tests. Use MemorEYES for up to 30 minutes per
day and after 30-40 sessions, reread the same passage. Then keep training and measure it again after
30-40 more sessions and so on. For the training to
be effective, start at a level that challenges you, but is not so hard
that you aren’t getting any benefit. Just for fun, feel free to set
it to the most difficult levels and see how you do. Training at a
level way above your ability will not yield a very successful result.

In the full version, you will have access to:

* A reading test to establish how many words per minute you can read and a reading comprehension test. There are two tests- one for children and one for adults.

* Expanded selections of letter and exposure times. Free version offers 2 choices (1/2 or 2 seconds and 3 or 5 letters). The paid version ranges from 1/50 of a second up to 5 seconds and up to 7 letters. This is where the true improvement in training will occur.

MemorEYES and other visual exercises for the iPhone and iPad were
developed by an eye doctor who has used these techniques for over 20
years for his patients. If you wear disposable contacts, try our new app: LENSTOSS

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