What's New

- fixes an issue with the fast tally function

- manual and automatic ordering of items
- send state of your counters and timers per email
- added a timer-item that calculates the time since an event
- total sum calculation of all tallies within a group
- added a "set to current date" button in countdown settings
- now you can change the format in which time is displayed
- now each tally can have a button for fast tallying

App Description

TallyCount helps you to manage deadlines and allows you to count items of any type and unit.

There are two different item-types in TallyCount:
First there are countdowns/timers that count down or up to important dates and times.
The second type of item is a tally that can be set to count arbitrary units with configurable step width down- or upwards.

All items are organized in groups for easier distinction that can also be sent per email.

There are numerous applications for TallyCount.
- let the app display the number of days till christmas
or the number of days you are alive
- count the times you have worn your monthly contact lenses
- count the number of exams left this year
- set the date you have to finish your assignment
- keep track of your stock while selling stuff
- ...

The application is flexible enough to adjust it to your personal requirements.

iPhone Screenshots

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TallyCount screenshot 1 TallyCount screenshot 2 TallyCount screenshot 3 TallyCount screenshot 4 TallyCount screenshot 5

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