What's New

- Substantial improvements to maps section. Created a stackable layer system for adding overlays to maps. Added better strategy videos for each map, detailed overlays for callouts, and more objective locations for additional game modes. Also improved UI and made maps capable of expanding over navigation bar to be viewable as full screen.
- Added Awakening Maps (Map Pack 1)
- Added Arena game mode to Let's Play
- Added mic icon to Let's Play matches feed for matches that require a Mic to join
- Other small bug fixes and improvements

App Description

Did you know that the shotguns in Black Ops 3 now do two types of damage? How about that the DART can be thrown while underwater? Or that the Recon sight will reduce recoil and idle sway more than the grip?

If you're looking for the most in depth and detailed information about Black Ops 3, or just looking for other skilled players to party up with and form clans, then you need the ULTIMATE UTILITY™!


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This App Features:

Don't rely on the frequently inaccurate in-game bar graphs to tell you how powerful different guns are - know the real numbers! The weapon guide shows you graphs and charts with important information such as damage over distance, damage per second, time to kill, shots to kill, accuracy, reload speed, and much more. Every weapon also has a strategic review that tells you that gun's strengths and how to best use it.

Did you know that the HC-XD can wall run? How about the explosive radius of a frag vs a semtex? Or the best perks to unlock a mothership? It's all inside this app!

Compare side by side to see which gun is the best. Ranked in 9 different categories such as Close Range Damage, Long Range Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, Damage Per Second, and much more!

Do you have a group of friends that you play with regularly? Then you'll love this feature! You can then send group messages to all of your clan mates or just a few.

[-] LET'S PLAY [-]
Tired of playing with randoms online? Wish there was an easy way to find skilled players to party up with? Let's Play allows you to do just this. Create matches and make new friends with other gamers in your area or around the globe.

[-] GUN FINDER [-]
Search guns and filter for specific traits! Find the assault rifle with the highest damage per second, SMG with the fastest reload time, pistol with the highest accuracy, or whatever else you need!

[-] PWN BOX (with Friends List) [-]
Live chat with other gamers! Make new friends and party up together. There are always people online to talk to!

[-] MAPS [-]
Overhead images of all multiplayer maps with callouts, objective locations, and much more!

Track your stats and improve your K/D ratio by monitoring your progress over time.

Are you a Trophy Hunter or Gamerscore freak? Use the achievement tracker to view how to unlock all of Black Ops 3's achievements and keep track of which ones you have unlocked.

[-] NEWS [-]
Keep up to date with the latest gaming news.

[-] USER POLLS [-]
See what other players think about topics such as what is the best class set ups or most useful first perk. Polls are updated every week!

Since 2010, The Ultimate Utility™ line of apps have consistently been the highest rated and most downloaded gaming strategy guides in the AppStore. The Ultimate Utility™ is an unofficial guide and is not sponsored or endorsed by the publisher of the original game. Call of Duty is a trademark of Activision, Inc.

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App Changes

  • October 12, 2015 Initial release
  • October 21, 2015 New version 1.0.5
  • October 27, 2015 New version 1.1
  • November 05, 2015 New version 1.2
  • November 07, 2015 Price increase: $2.99 -> $4.99
  • November 17, 2015 New version 1.3
  • December 09, 2015 New version 1.4
  • January 04, 2016 New version 1.5
  • January 11, 2016 New version 1.6
  • February 03, 2016 New version 1.7