Genshin Impact Progression Guide - Mid-Game (Adventure Ranks 25-35)

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 29th, 2020
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Once you get up to around Adventure Rank 25, Genshin Impact starts to turn into a different thing. What was once a story-driven affair evolves into something more like a traditional MMO.

This isn't to say there isn't anything to do, though there are fewer novel things to uncover at this stage in the game. That being said, this is where you really need to start focusing your energy in the right direction, particularly if you're a non-paying player. Read on below to get a sense of what to expect in Genshin Impact's mid-game.

Complete the ascension quest!

When you hit Adventure Rank 25, you might notice you don't automatically jump up to rank 26. As it turns out, there is an ascension quest at this level you need to pass in order to rank up. To add the ascension quest to your quest log, simply visit the Adventurer's Guild in either Mondstadt or Liyue.

If you miss out on this at first, don't panic. You can still accumulate Adventure Rank experience if you don't complete the ascension quest right away, so feel free to take it on at your leisure if you have resin to spend or anything else you want to do before ascending.

Play what you can of the remaining story

The last bits of Genshin Impact's main story are hidden behind Adventure Rank 25+, including a fun questline that introduces Xingqiu, the bookish water swordsman. Make sure to complete these missions, as they are entertaining and rewarding.

The only word of caution here is whether or not story quests are the driving force for you in Genshin Impact. If that's the case, you might want to only take on the remaining story bits in small chunks, or perhaps even put the game down altogether until a new update comes out.

Mark up your map

Without too many quests driving things forward now, you may want to turn your attention more toward intentional farming for materials you might need. Whether it's gathering specialties to level your Battle Pass or collecting farmable drops from certain enemies to ascend adventurers, be sure to mark up your map noting these places so you don't forget to revisit them without having to go searching for them.

Although it may seem like a pain at first, being careful to precisely place pins, choose their icon, and type notes on each one will go a long way into making one of the more mundane aspects of Genshin Impact a lot more time efficient.

Complete ley line fights

Speaking of efficiency, a good way to farm mob drops and level your Battle Pass at the same time is to complete four ley line fights each day. The rewards from these challenges aren't exactly worth the 20 resin asking price, but you shouldn't let that stop you from completing the challenges without redeeming the rewards.

In doing this, you can get a bunch of crafting materials while also making progress on the weekly ley line Battle Pass objective without spending any resin that would be better spent on domain and elite boss challenges.

Play co-op

Around the mid-game of Genshin Impact is when co-op actually starts to matter, particularly if you aren't spending money on the game. As your World Level rises and you can take on harder bosses and domains, it becomes more and more important that you take advantage of team dynamics and elemental reactions to clear challenges successfully.

Since it's unlikely that you'll have a roster full of high level and geared up adventurers from all kinds of elements, try matching up with other players to fill the gaps. In doing so, be sure to try and bring the best adventurer you have for the given situation. An added benefit to playing co-op is also the multiplayer achievements, which can give you a few sweet Primogems just for playing with other people.

Focus on your carry

If you're wondering what adventurer(s) you should be focusing on at this point in the game, the answer is whoever deals the most damage per second in your lineup. The rest of your team can take a back seat (especially if you're an f2p player). Genshin Impact really pinches your progress if you spread yourself too thin and try to keep everyone you own leveled.

No matter the situation, it's always crucial to have a character that can deal consistently high amounts of damage. Your supports and healers can do well enough at lower levels supporting your DPS character, and focusing almost exclusively on them while in the mid-game will keep you from running into any major currency shortages.

Avoid Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss is Genshin Impact's toughest set of challenges, and there is no real reason for you to be messing about in it too much at this point. Being a solo-only dungeon that throws tons of high level enemies that you have to kill within set time limits, The Spiral Abyss is the mode that is most likely to coax money out of you.

Yes, the rewards from completing floors in the Abyss are good, and some of them even renew and let you get them again, but don't let this fuel a lust for characters and accelerating your progression. There's still plenty to do in Genshin Impact without adding the Spiral Abyss to the list, which is essentially endgame content for big-spenders in the game.

Do Bounties!

New to version 1.1 version of Genshin Impact are bounties, a new, repeatable quest that yields Mora and reputation. Read more about bounties in our bounties guide.

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