Genshin Impact Guide - Bounties Explained

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 12th, 2020
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Bounties are new to Genshin Impact in its 1.1 update. As mentioned in our write-up of the new content, players can now grind out reputation for each region available in the game, and one of the ways you can do this is through hunting down powerful boss creatures and killing them in a set time limit.

Watch the video above to see what bounties are like, and read on below to learn everything else you need to know about them.

It's a new time-based grind

Bounties aren't just some throwaway activity. They are a good way to earn Mora and up your region reputation, to the point that you can only take on so many at a time. Genshin Impact allows players to complete three bounites a week, so make sure you add those to your weekly schedule of events to perform.

To start a bounty, you need to talk to one of the new NPCs in either Mondstadt or Liyue that handle all of the reputation-based activities. The video above shows where this NPC is in Liyue and another screenshot in this article shows where the Mondstadt one is.

There's no reason not to do five star challenges, unless you can't

Bounties unlock at Adventure Rank 25, so it's likely you have a pretty solid foundation in the game's mechanics and a solid team to boot at this point. With this being the case, know that you can (and should) take on the five star bounties and essentially ignore the others.

Five star bounties yield the best rewards and are repeatable, so unless your team is just too weak to complete them, there is no reason to pick lower-rank bounties.

Use elemental sight to figure out where to go

When you take on a bounty, an area of your map gets highlighted. Upon entering that space, a timer starts and you need to find your bounty target. To do this, you need to use elemental sight and follow wisps that can direct you to items or enemies that can help you find the target.

After finding three "tracks", your bounty target will spawn and then you have to defeat it before the timer expires. Keep in mind that you cannot even begin your bounty fight without finding enemy tracks, so be sure to spam the elemental sight button to find enemy tracks as quickly as possible.

Bonus achievement for failing a bounty

If you're worried about your team strength when you first take on a five-star bounty, fear not! There's actually a secret achievement for failing a bounty that nets you five Primogems. So feel free to rush into your first bounty knowing that no matter what happens, you'll at least get something out of it.

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