The top 5 best dogs in mobile gaming

Posted by Emily Sowden on September 18th, 2018

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Not too long ago we talked about all of the finest kitty-cats mobile gaming had to offer, but what about the best dogs on the market? You don't have to have thumbs to be an awesome protagonist.

If you've got a fur coat, a big heart, and love belly rubs, you can be a hero too. It may not be something you think of much, but in these games man's best friend is more than just a sidekick or emotional blackmail. These are the best pups.

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Death Road to Canadadownload on iOS

You probably think I've lost my marbles by putting Death Road to Canada in the mix, but little do you know, friends. Even when facing the zombie apocalypse and terrifying odds, these adorable dogs show no fear and are incredibly badass.

Though they're not so good with healing and keeping watch, they'll stand by their human friends to the bitter end. Then, after their human friends are gone, they'll steal the car keys and plough onwards towards Canada and the chance of a better life.

Yes, they run way faster on four legs, but they can also use weapons… just like people.

Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessertdownload on iOS

If the name's not enough to tickle you right up, Silly Sausage takes his stretchy bod and worms it all the way through a land of sugar. I know, sugar isn't great for dogs, but just go with me on it.

This diggity dawg can stretch through tons of different challenges, tackling obstacles and taking on big bosses like a pro. Plus, you get an achievement for sniffing your own butt. So flexible.

Silly Sausage proves that despite his derpy appearance, he's an intelligent dog with lightning-fast reflexes and a passion for getting around things. It's basically the mobile version of any dog ever trying to avoid a bath, to spend a little longer at the dog park, or to stay out of the vets.

In the Dog Housedownload on iOS

Where Silly Sausage is all about a stretchy dog, In the Dog House features good dogs doing what good dogs do best. You may be playing a theoretical overlord in this case, but the pups are just showing their passion for squeaky toys.

You can add newspapers, bath-time ducks, and delicious bones to the list of things these dogs love. And if you do a really good job, you can unlock even more dogs to play around with. Good grief, it's a dog-lover's idea of heaven.

Quantity doesn't hold up to quality by any means, but these are some of the most adorable dogs on mobile and you should do everything in your power to give them all available toys, treats, and affection.

Mimpi Dreamsdownload on iOS

We've all seen it when our pets start dreaming, right? Their legs start to twitch, their nose starts going, and they might even bark in their sleep like my sister's dog – it's 10/10 adorable.

Mimpi Dreams is a mobile game all about a doggie going off on his own adventure in dream-land. Oh, and he saves his progress by peeing on all the checkpoints. You need to solve puzzles, traverse the environment, and unlock outfits as you go.

Not only is Mimpi a brave ol' dog, he's also an intelligent one, determined to help out the many friends he meets on his adventures. What a good boy.

Hot Datedownload on iOS

Okay, so on our cats list we had a game about dating cats and how it was weird (but totally acceptable), and Hot Date is all about dating a delightful pug.

You can't just throw some kibble in a bowl and hope for the best though. No, this pug isn't pulling punches when it comes to what they want. Whether they're called Brian, Lemons, Meg, or something else entirely, you're in for a roasting.

During your date you need to ask and answer a bunch of questions without putting your foot – er – paw in it. Whether you're totally into dating pugs or think it's weird, you're going to want to strike up a convo with this one.

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