The very best cats in mobile gaming

Posted by Emily Sowden on September 12th, 2018

cat bird sleeping tree world

Mobile games come in many shapes and forms and have many, many protagonists. Do you know what the best protagonist/context for a game is though? Cats.

Worshipped by Ancient Egyptians, idolised by internet culture, and probably one of the only animals that'll get away with scratching up your sofa, cats are always fun to watch. Why? Well, because they're adorable, duh. Even when they're trying to be all serious and go off on quests and things, you can't help but notice how cute their outfits are or their fuzzy ears.

But this just isn't about the best cat-themed games. No, it's about the best cats in mobile gaming. If your favourite feline isn't on the list below, be sure to tell us in the comments below what games you love the most. And if you love lists, click here to check out all of the awesome ones we've written for your eyes to soak in.

Cat Bird - download on iOS

It may take up arms as another mobile platformer, but look at it. It's a cat AND a bird (and also a really fun platformer).

Not only super slick when you're actually playing, Cat Bird himself is a real fighter. Being knocked off your planet one day during a nap would shake anyone up, but no, not Cat Bird.

He takes it all in his stride, spreads his leathery and/or fluffy white wings and just gets on with it, man. If that's not inspiration, I don't know what is.

Cat Quest - download on iOS

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If you haven't played Cat Quest yet I'd highly recommend investing. It's available across mobile, PC, and console, so there's no excuse not to really. Unless you hate cats and quests.

Even if it didn't have an utterly irresistible main character, it's a seriously good RPG and well worth anyone's time. It's rich, detailed, beautiful, has great combat, and it lets you play around with different elements to find your own stride.

Plus, the kitty wears armour, has a sword, and has hair more tame and nicer than mine.

Super Phantom Cat 2 - download on iOS

Alright, some of you may not be mad about the game itself which is totally fair (but also kind-of crazy), however the protagonist alone is good enough to warrant some attention. Belly scratches at your own risk.

After his sister, Ina, is kidnapped in the Phantom World, Ari will go through hell and high water to find her. You won't just be stuck playing as one cool cat, no you've got a bunch to cycle through including the lead singer of a band (I'm thinking Mews), an adventurous cowboy, and many more.

white cat playing with red ball

Neko Atsume - download on iOS

Okay, okay, stepping back into a more serious note, sometimes it's not about the cat… it's about the QUANTITY of cats. After all, for people like me there's nothing better than to imagine what life would be like as the crazy cat lady I'm well on my way to becoming.

Basically this one's all about putting out loads of cat-friendly things in your garden and watching all of the excited kitties visiting. I mean, doesn't that just make your heart beat a little faster?

Purrfect Date - download on iOS

If you love cats so much that you want to get really weird with them – and I mean really weird – Purrfect Date might give you an output. With five cats to meet and get to know, there's more on the cards than just a chin scratch.

It's marvellously British in its humour and if you think dating cats is weird – well – good, 'cos it is! But that doesn't mean they don't deserve love.

There's a detailed story with a lot of paths, a lot of personality, and a lot of chances to solve an ongoing mystery. Just roll with it… and then bunny kick it with your little beanie toes.

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grey white fluffy cat cardboard boxgrey white fluffy cat vampire teeth

Indy Sowden: The Game

FINE OKAY, this isn't a mobile game yet, but how could I talk about the best cats in mobile gaming when mine would clearly be the best.

With sparking blue eyes and fur as soft as rabbit down, she's easy to love and even easier to make you drop your guard. Before you know it she's stolen fish from your plate, scratched up your favourite chair, and made you work for the slightest bit of affection. Genius. Evil genius.

Or, would she be a good spy? I think so. With lightning-fast reflexes, the silent stalk of a ninja, and looks to kill, she's a bombshell. Maybe even a Metal Gear Solid re-make... with cats... Meowtal Gear Solid.

Dear god, someone make this happen.

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