On Monday we told you that Apex Legends is, all being well, eventually going to end up on the App Store. That means you'll be able to play one of the best new battle royale shooters in months in the palm of your hand. However, it hasn't happened yet, which is why we've created this list of alternatives to tide you over until AL actually makes it across to iOS.

Obviously this is quite a short list, and there are games out there that might fit the bill as well. That's where you come in - let us know your own recommendations in the comments section at the bottom of the article, that way we're all going to be able to find something to countdown the weeks and months until Apex Legends comes out with.

Click here and you'll be able to check out all the other awesome lists we've been writing for you. Each one deals with a genre, a style, or just what we think are the very best games available for the devices you carry around in your pocket all the time. Right then, let's get on with these Apex Legends alternatives, shall we?

Guns of Boom

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While it doesn't have the battle royale stylings of Apex Legends, Guns of Boom is a slick, squad-based shooter that's been tearing up the App Store charts for a while now. It's perfectly designed for mobile, with short play times and clever controls, and it's also on the way to becoming the go-to game for mobile eSports players. Oh, it's loads of fun as well, should maybe have lead with that.

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- Click here to download for iOS

This is our left-field choice for this list. It might not have the polish or scope of Apex Legends, but there's so much to enjoy in this multiplayer midcore experience that it was impossible for us not to include it. If you're looking for the perfect blend of simple play and neat ideas, all wrapped up in some of the best multiplayer that the App Store has to offer.

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Shadowgun Legends

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This one definitely has the sci-fi chops, if that's the part of Apex Legends that you're interested in. It also offers three player action, although you're going to be playing against AI rather than other players. There's so much going on here, and some really awesome ideas thrown in for good measure, that if you're only going to pick one of these games to dull the pain of not being able to play Apex Legends yet, it should probably be this one.

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