You've no doubt heard of Apex Legends by now. It's a new take on the battle royale genre developed by Respawn, and published by EA. It went live on EA Origin, PS4, and Xbox One last week, and it's already been generating a lot of buzz around the non-mobile gaming world. More interestingly though, it's also started a similar amount of buzz in the much more important mobile gaming world too.

That's because there's a very good chance that the game is going to be coming out for phones and tablets in the not-too-distant future. This isn't hyperbole either, it's straight from the horse's mouth. If the horse is EA and its mouth is a quarterly earnings call. Which, for the purposes of this article, they are.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that this is happening, since the two big, blockbusting battle royale games (Fortnite and PUBG), are already available for mobile. There are plenty of other options to choose from too - oddly, mobile feels a little like a proving ground for BR games, with new ideas and concepts more likely to pop up on the App Store and Google Play Store than anywhere else.

It makes sense for Apex Legends to come out for mobile too - after all, it's a game based in the Titanfall universe, and we've had a couple of those already. Granted they didn't last long, but they were really, really good games all the same. Seriously, Titanfall: Assault was amazing, and we were super sad to see it go.

Obviously Apex Legends offers up something completely different, but we're willing to bet that with the right team behind it it could be pretty darn special when it comes to mobile. After all, the phones and tablets we carry around with us are getting more and more powerful every day, and the engines that power the games we love are becoming more and more versatile and, perhaps most importantly, much easier to port across to mobile.

What's most exciting, however, is seeing one of the world's biggest publishers start to pay attention to the success of more hardcore titles on mobile. It feels like this year is going to be the year where massive, franchise-backed experiences, finally start coming to the App Store. And we can't bloody wait.

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