Cast your mind back to August 5th 2008. The sun was shining, and the birds where singing. That was until the (now iconic) 'I Am Rich' app rocked the App Store sideways. Officially becoming the most expensive application to of hit the App Store ever, and priced at $999.99, the app hit the mainstream for being controversial to the highest level. Offering nothing more than a 'souvenir' of personal wealth, the app was designed to show how 'rich' you were. The premise being, if you owned it, you were rich.

On August 6th 2008, following it's release, and in response to the huge amount of media coverage and bad press the title had garnered, Apple pulled the application completely, from all 72 countries iTunes operated in. Now fast forward.

Just when we thought it couldn't happen again, it has. October 16th 2009. Developed by 15 year-old Mark Gurman, You Are Rich hit the App Store. Designed to be a complete copy of the original, You Are Rich is the absolutely bare bones of iPhone development. After you get past the shock of spending $99.99 on a picture of a glowing red gem-like fire-ball thingamajig, maybe the 'Secret Mantra' will make you feel a tad better? Then again, maybe not ..

I was lucky enough to grab a review copy from Mark, making me - not really that rich. However, if this is your type of app, you'll be glad to know this version will cost you ten times less than the previous, at just $99.99, and has a slightly different 'secret' mantra than the original. For those of you who can't afford this app, or simply can't afford to throw your credibility out the window with this app, the new mantra is below for your viewing pleasure:

"If you see this: You are Brave, You are a Success, You are Bold, You are Flashy, You are Amazing, You are Rich."

On the mantra screen you'll find a button which states 'Play Mantras'. Doing so throws up three options, including: Mantra, You Are Rich and I Am Rich. Tapping each one seeing the app play a different sound, with the first reading out the already written 'mantra' aloud, in this kinda eery hypnotic voice.

The fact is, I'd get this app while you still can! No really - Since being exposed to the app's mantra, my personal wealth has grown hugely. In fact, I'm typing this here now from a small yacht on the Caribbean, while sipping a Margareta. While I'm here I might actually start a new business - "You Are Rich" branded handkerchiefs. Think it'll take off?

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