Zombies and match-three puzzles are two topics that are often viewed as being fairly overdone in the gaming realm. That doesn't appear to have deterred developer 37Games from combining the two into one game with their latest title Zombie Puzzles Quest though.

The game is available now for Android and is also set to release for iOS soon as well. It looks to combine the aforementioned zombies and match-three puzzling with a spot of strategy for good measure.

You will be tasked with creating an impenetrable sanctuary that will become home to the last surviving humans. They'll need supplies though of course so you'll have to venture out into the apocalyptic world to hunt for them where you'll encounter zombies.

Battling against the undead will involve the usual match-three puzzling affair where bigger combos will land bigger hits on these reanimated corpses. You can see some of this gameplay in action in the trailer above.

Aside from slaying zombies by matching various colours, you'll be able to visit Noah's Bar in your sanctuary where you'll be able to recruit powerful heroes who will bring special skills into battle to help make murdering zombies a touch easier. They may also passively increase your economic and military strength.

There will also be other sanctuaries to contend with, some may become your allies whilst others may wish to go toe to toe with you. Forging alliances will undoubtedly be important to increase your survival chances in this post-apocalyptic world.

Zombie Puzzles Quest is available now over on Google Play in Early Access and is set to arrive on the App Store soon. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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