Genera Games has followed up on the success of Frozen: Freefall and Ramboat with its most action-packed title to date, Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse.

You play as a marine who's taking the fight directly to the undead horde in bloody first person battles with a wide variety of weapons.

Pick shots from a safe distance with the sniper rifle, get up close and personal with the magnum pistol, or go old school with a crossbow. Whatever weapon you choose heads are sure to explode.

And they'll do so in a few different environments ripe for zombie murder, like an arctic wasteland, abandoned theme park, or an entire city.

During your quest to rid Earth of the undead you'll ride helicopters, fire missiles, and blast apart loads of genetically mutated horrors.

You can even create your very own personalised missions and share them with friends in the mission editor. This will stretch replayability by a fair bit.

Each time you return to the game you'll earn a bonus reward. Day five nets you a massive bazooka capable of blasting entire groups of zombies into bits with just one missile.

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to get Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse right now.

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