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Just like every Thursday, today we're taking some time to let you know what we think are the best games that have come out over the past week. We've had hands-on time with all of them, so you can trust us when we tell you that we're pretty clued up on this.

That said, you might disagree. That's cool, you can do that. But if you do, we'd love to hear why in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Maybe you've spotted something that you love, and you want to share it with the world? That's just one of the many services that the comments section can provide.

Click here and you can check out the games we thought were the greatest from last week. And now, without further ado, let's find out what the best games for iPhone and iPad that came out this week are.

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

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Love them or hate them, King pretty much rules the App Store. This new game is likely to cement that, thanks to some really smart ideas. Sure, you're just doing the same thing you do in most of King's games, but the compulsion loop here is one of the tightest we've experienced in recent times.

Block Droppin' Blitz

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At the other end of the puzzling spectrum is this absolute gem. It's part block-sliding game, part Tetris mash-up, and it works really well. It might not have the glaring polish of a King production, but the gameplay here matches up with anything the giant has to offer. If Sagas aren't your puzzling bag, you should definitely check this one out.

Sprout: Idle Garden

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There are two garden-themed games out this week, and they take very different tacks when it comes to scratching that digging itch. This one is the easier of the two - it holds your hand and lets you make a lovely island populated by gardeners, plants, and other nice things. There's no challenge here, but you'll pop back in to your garden regularly to collect your cash and see what's what.

Rosa's Garden

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And back to calmness. This one's another gardening game, but where Sprout holds your hand, Rosa's Garden constantly bats it away. You need to figure out a lot of stuff on your own, but it's well worth doing it. Check out your seeds when you've got some, and you'll start to learn as well.

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