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How is it already Thursday again? My oh my, doesn't time fly when you're playing the very best mobile games out there? We certainly hope it does, because we've gone ahead and written a list of what we think are the top 5 best games for iPhone and iPad that have landed on the App Store over the last seven days.

This week we've got two very different platformers, a .io game that shouldn't be anywhere near as much fun as it is, as well as a couple of games that like to play by their own rules. They're all really good though, and if it was up to us you'd read this article and then go and play all of them and have a lovely old time.

If you've got your own gaming suggestions for this week, feel free to chuck them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. And click here to check out what we thought were the best new games for iPhone and iPad that came out last week.

Linn: Path of Orchards

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There are some clever platformers already available on the App Store, but this one mixes things up more than enough to make it a worthy recommendation. It's going to make you think about every jump and dash. Throw in some challenges that you'll need to be pixel perfect to complete and you're on to a winner.


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We know, it sounds like a terrible idea. Oddly enough though, Jaws.io is one of the best implementations of the .io concept we've seen in a while. Sometimes you're a ship, trying to take down the titular shark. Sometimes you're the shark, trying to eat everything in sight. The swapping keeps things fresh, and there's a raucous nonsense to the experience that's going to put a big smile on your face.

Knights of the Card Table

- Click here to download for iOS

A solo card game with plenty of neat ideas. For one thing you choose the cards you're going to take on, rather than the game just chucking them at you. There are bonuses for clearing strings of matching cards, boosts for rolling dice, and much, much more. It's the sort of game you'll jump into for a quick go, and then it's tomorrow morning and you're probably going to get fired.

Spicy Piggy

- Click here to download for iOS

Nitrome makes great games. This is a Nitrome game, and it's pretty great. It's an auto-running platformer with a twist. The twist is that it wants you to die at every given opportunity. If you're a fan of the super tough then you're going to lap this one up, and a decent checkpoint system means you can train up your fingers to try and get better without too much difficulty.

Noa Noa

- Click here to download for iOS

Want a virtual pet? Want a virtual pet with a difference? Then you should definitely be downloading Noa Noa. It's a weird sort of game, but if it gets its claws into you you're going to be popping back regularly to check up on all of your little critters. Anyone with a fondness for Tamagotchi and a modern sense of cynicism should almost certainly pick this one up without hesitation.

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