Today will see the launch today of iOS 7, the biggest update we've seen yet in the mobile operating system that powers nearly 600 million devices. With a new user interface, many new features, and back end features that have developers stoked, it's a pivotal day for iOS. We'll be covering the release of iOS 7 and apps developed exclusively for it throughout the day. Check back here often.

iOS 7 should be released around 10am Pacific time -- Carter has already taken the plunge and walks you though how to prepare for iOS 7, and how to upgrade to iOS 7.

If your device isn't upgradeable to iOS 7, don't worry you don't need to upgrade right away. Apple updated the App Store to support older versions of apps for older versions of iOS yesterday.

The iPod touch and iPad iBooks user guides are out. The iPhone one is probably waiting for the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c on Friday.

Security is a new focus for Apple and Carter tells us how to Use the Anti-Theft activation lock in iOS 7.

iOS 7 was originally announced at WWDC this past June. Before the announcement talked with people in the industry about their wishes for iOS 7. One of our biggest concerns is how iOS 7 is falling behind for family users. As a group, before the final announcement of iOS 7 we talked about what we liked about iOS 7 and hoped for in future versions. And I wrote about how important the announcement was for Tim Cook and Apple.

Jen talks to a bunch of Game Developers and gets their thoughts on iOS 7.

Apps Created or Updated for iOS 7

Lots of apps have been updated for iOS 7 to take advantage of new features from the background updates, to deeper backend stuff. But many have just been updated to match the visual style and user experience of iOS 7. Here are a few of our favorite updates:

Pocket Casts 4.0 podcast catcher
TED Talks informative video player
Slacker Radio streaming radio player
Flipboard mobile magazine app
Camera+ 4.0 best camera replacement app
Twitterific Twitter client
Todo 7.0 Appigo task manager
Addappt living address book
New York Times newspaper app
Pocket offline reader
Evernote information organizer
Mailbox replacement
Pocket Informant Pro Calendar and Reminders replacement
Shazam the music identification app
AroundMe the local activities app
Springpad the information manager
GroupText! the most popular group text manager
OmniGroup Updates OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, and OmniPlan Productivity and pretty
Sky Live is an app for finding good stargazing times
HootSuite a professional Twitter client
Pandora the music streaming app
Quora the q&a social network app
PCalc is the best calculator replacement
Clear (task manager)
Roambi a great data visualization app
Cobook a contact manager app
Scanner Pro from Readdle a great document scanner
Perfect Weather a new sexy weather app
Reeder 2 an RSS reader

Around The Web

Around the web, many are also doing some amazing work writing about iOS 7. Here's a few of our favorites:

Rene Ritchie over at iMore has an amazing and exhaustive review of iOS 7.

TUAW takes a look at some great new settings in iOS 7.

MacStories hits a home run with their coverage of iOS 7 and has a great editorial on Living with iOS 7. They also have a great list of Tricks and Tips for iOS 7.

Our friends over at Pocket Gamer have a list of their favorite new features of iOS 7.

9to5Mac has a great interview with iOS app developers on working with iOS 7 development and design.

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