Shadowgun Legends Android and iOS guide - Every style of single player mission in the game

Posted by Harry Slater on March 29th, 2018
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There are loads of single player mission in Shadowgun Legends, so we thought it'd be a good idea to break them down so you know what you're going to be getting into well before you jump into the action. We're going to look at the multiplayer options in a later guide as well, so make sure you check back to find out what's what with the PvP and PvE modes that the game has to offer as well.

Campaign Missions

These are the main missions that you're going to be sent on. They give the best rewards, and they're often the most difficult. While you can take them whatever level you're at, it's best to wait until you've meet the requirements before you jump into them. Most of them will come from Slade in The Hub.

Side Missions

These usually take about the same length as the Campaign missions, and give pretty good rewards as well. Both Campaign and Secondary missions will give you gear and weapons, so it's well worth finishing them off when you get the chance. You can pick them up from most of the vendors at The Hub.

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Operations don't give you gear, but they are a great way to up your XP and your fame. They're split into six different sorts. You pick them up from vendors all around The Hub.

  • Intel Run - Here you'll have to find a Torment mainframe, clear out the resistance, then hack the date.
  • Infestation - These missions see you destroying breeder pods. Blow them all up and you'll finish the mission.
  • Assault - These missions involve wiping out all of the Torment forces in one or more locations.
  • Hunt - On these missions you need to hunt down and kill a specific elite Torment enemy.
  • Jamming - Jamming missions are all about shutting down a warp engine. Usually you need to shut down one or more forcefields along the way.
  • Kill Zone - This one's a wave-based battle. There are between one or three different waves, and you've got some marines backing you up.

HUB Missions

You pick up HUB missions from the vendors in The HUB. They involve earning a set number of XP, a set amount of Fame, or selling a pieces of armour or weapons at the armoury and the weapon shop.

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Fame Hunter Missions

You can get Fame Hunter Missions from Hakim in The HUB. They're a lot like HUB Missions, but they're usually a good deal tougher and a good deal more specific. Like the name suggests, you'll earn a big chunk of Fame for finishing them.

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