Shadowgun Legends Android and iOS guide - Every skill you can unlock in the game

Posted by Harry Slater on March 28th, 2018
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There are 39 different skills in Shadowgun Legends. You unlock skill points when you level up, and can spend them in one of three different talent trees. That's a lot of info to take in though, so we thought we'd make it easy for you.

Here's a list of all of the skills, the trees you'll find them in, and what they do. Read this guide and you'll be able to build up the baddest Shadowgun the world has ever seen, while still matching your own unique play style.


Shadowgun Legends Combat skill tree screenshot

Every time you upgrade your Combat skills, you'll get a boost to accuracy and unlock a new skill.

Active Skills

  • Sentry Gun - Deploys an AI sentry gun that will wait patiently for hostiles to enter its ranger of fire, then splatter their ugly brains all over the wall for you.
  • Stunner - Sometimes you just need to buy yourself a little time...stuns all enemies within range, and inflicts moderate damage.
  • Rocket Man - Call in a hail of death and destruction on your enemies. Unleashes a continuous barrage of rockets, directed by your aim, for several seconds.
  • Shockwave Pulse - Flatten your enemies with a powerful shockwave. They won't know what hit them.

Passive Skills

  • Ammo Up - Get trigger happy. Your maximum ammo capacity is increased.
  • Marksman - Become a sharpshooter. Increases overall accuracy on all weapons.
  • Sparta Kick - If anyone gets inside your personal bubble you'll deliver a solid boot to their sternum. Knocks 'em down, deals minimal huty.
  • Elite Damage Boost - Cut those elite foes down to size by maximizing your punishment dealt.
  • Critical Damage - Increases the damage dealt when landing a critical hit.
  • Stuff Magnet - Why collect items when they can come to you? Hoovers up all ammo and collectible items within range.
  • Lord of War - Love the smell of rocket fuel and cordite? Secondary weapons have boosted damage.


Shadowgun Legends Survival skill tree screenshot

Every time you increase your Survival skills you'll get a boost to your health and unlock a new skill.

Active Skills

  • Deflector Skin - Makes your skin tougher than your momma's toenails, rendering the user invulnerable. Take your best shot, punk!
  • Survival Kit - You'll never be lonely with this in your repertoire. Drops a gizmo on the ground which heals teammates and replenishes their ammo for a few seconds.
  • EMP - This cool gadget messes with enemy tech's circuits, making it unusable. Perfect for knocking out AI bad guys and screwing with enemy player's abilities.
  • Emergency Shield - Sometimes there's no shame in hiding. Throws up a shiled which absorbs enemy fire until it's destroyed or times out.

Passive Skills

  • Super Health - Exactly what it says. Increase total HP.
  • Autoheal Boost - Autoheal kicks in quicker and heals harder. Makes you harder to kill than a cockroach.
  • Master Salesman - The art of negotiation isn't dead. Wring more cash out of vendors when selling stuff.
  • Flak Jacket - Laugh in the face of danger. Enables you to absorb explosions with reduced damage, and stay firmly on your feet while doing so.
  • Luck of the Devil - Some dudes are born lucky, some achieve luck, and others have to upgrade their luck in a skill tree. Increases your chance of finding rare items.
  • Flash Cooldown - They say patience is a virtue. For those who don't like waiting, this reduces skill cooldown on both active and passive skills. Screw patience!


Shadowgun Legends Agility skill tree screenshot

Every time you upgrade your Agility skills you'll get a boost to your Critical Damage and unlock a new skill.

Active Skills

  • Frag Grenade - Fire in the hole! Lobs a grenade that projects lethal fragments on detonation - hence the name.
  • Supercharger - Power up, baby! Supercharges your equipped weapons, causing serious damage to anyone stupid enough to get in your way.
  • AM Bomb - The Anti-matter bomb creates a fun-size black hole. Regular enemies crossing its event horizon get sucked into oblivion. Big bad guys only get damaged.
  • Berserker Attack - Go totally Berserk - activate this skill in the middle of a fight and lay waste to the enemy with a flurry of kicks and punches.

Passive Skills

  • Mega Movement - Even the baddest Shadowgun gets weighed down by cumbersome body armor. This little beauty increases your agility.
  • Ultra Reload - Lock and load! Increase the reload speed of all weapons.
  • Greased Lightning - Turns you into a goddamn athlete. Increases sprinting speed.
  • Iron Sight Damage - You don't always have to go gung-ho with the big guns. Ramps up damage while using your primary weapon's iron sight.
  • Sprint Reload - Reloading a weapon while running full tilt can be tricky. This increases your chances of pulling it off.
  • Gunslinger - Become star of your own wild west show. Pumps up your accuracy, damage and reload speed while using your pistol.
  • Fight for Your Life - Nobody likes to go down without a fight. Deals increased damage when your health is in bad shape.
  • Sneak Attack - Increases damage to enemies who haven't spotted you. Get stealthy to maximize the pain.

Joint Skills

Some skills need you to have a certain amount of skill points in two different talents. And here they are.

Active skills

  • Invisibility Tech (Survival and Agility) - Go see-through with this radical alien invisibility device. Don't ask how it works, something to do with bending light.
  • Hunter Mine (Combet and Survival) - Hunts down the enemy then jumps up and explodes in their face. Nasty!
  • Blink (Agility and Combat) - Save shoe leather by teleporting a short distance in the direction you're moving.

Passive skills

  • Melee Resistance (Survival and Agility) - Reduces amount of damage taken if you get caught up in a brawl.
  • Projectile Resistance (Survival and Agility) - A pretty handy skill when you spend most of your life getting shot at. Reduces projectile damage by an nth.

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