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Posted by Harry Slater on April 2nd, 2018
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In this part of our guide to Shadowgun Legends, we're going to have a look at the different multiplayer modes that the game offers. We've already gone over the various single player missions you can take on, so we figured it was time to shine some light on the PvP and PvE aspects of the game.

There's more to come too, with some handy tips and tricks to get you into the swing of things, as well as more detailed looks at the maps and modes. So make sure to keep coming back to 148 to check out our latest content.

You access all of the different multiplayer options from Nitro in the HUB. He also offers multiplayer missions. Talk to him and he'll show you the different modes that you've unlocked, and the ones that you're yet to gain access to.


There are two PvP options currently in Shadowgun Legends, so let's have a look at them and see what the difference is.

  • Duel – Simply put, duel sees you battling one on one against another Shadowgun. The battles are short, with the first to earn five kills declared the winner. You also only get five minutes to finish off the match. If no one gets to five kills, the player with the highest score when the time runs out is crowned the winner. A loot lottery at the end of the match gives a random reward to each player.
  • Ascendancy – This is a 4v4 team deathmatch, but there's a twist. While you win fame for killing your foes, that doesn't count towards your team's score. Instead you need to pick up the trophies that killed players drop. The first team to grab 20 trophies is the winner. You can pick up the trophies that your own team drop to keep them out of the hands of the other side. And you can revive fallen comrades by standing over their graves and interacting with them. Again, there's a time limit, and the team with the highest score when it runs out is the victor. Once again there's a loot lottery, although this time it's possible to walk away with nothing.


There are two PvE modes, split into two different levels. In all of them though you're teamed up with two other players in order to take on the challenges.


Dungeons are essentially bigger levels that you need the help of other players to complete. You can revive downed teammates, and the Torment that you're fighting against are generally tougher. Often you'll be confronted with simple puzzles that require your whole team to work together. There are two Dungeons in the game.

  • The Voltaic Fist – The first Dungeon you'll unlock. The in-game text reads “Fight your way through this COOP dungeon. Defeat Regis The Voltaic Fist.
  • Blade Dancer – The second Dungeon you'll unlock. The in-game text reads “Are you read to face Riksh The Blade Dancer in a new COOP dungeon?”


The Arena levels are Shadowgun Legends' version of a horde mode. You and two other players face off against five waves of increasingly tough torment. The last level is a boss, who can take some real punishment. You need to work together if you want to succeed, but the rewards at the end are some of the best in the game. There are two different arenas to unlock.

  • Bronze Arena – The first of the arenas that you'll unlock. The in-game text reads “5 waves of COOP carnage against the toughest Torment. Are you ready?”
  • Silver Arena – The second of the two arenas, unlocked at level 20. The in-game text reads “A new COOP Arena full of the most dangerous Torment. Do you have what it takes?”

Other missions

You'll also find that Hakim in the HUB gives out Fame Hunter missions that are specifically targeted at multiplayer modes. These reward you, as you might be able to tell from the name, with a good chunk of fame once you've completed them.

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