The Seventh Sign: Hodappy Bird Released on the App Store

Posted by Jeff Scott on April 17th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

While simultaneously mocking and yet contributing to the App Store clone madness around Flappy Bird, Hodappy Bird has been released by Madgarden. And the whole Flappy Bird thing implodes upon itself. As Ryan Evans described it, it's "the Citizen Kane of Flappy Bird clones."

It’s the ultimate move of App Store ridicule, mocking them from within, Eli Hodapp of Touch Arcade fame now has his own themed version of Flappy Bird, and well, it’s a thing I guess.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, this clone of a clone is meant to both capitalize on the Flappy Bird craze and also to poke fun at it. It’s basically Flappy Bird with all of the quaintness replaced by annoying free to play tactics. Methods like offering a continue for three coins - which can be gathered rarely by playing or watching video ads for other apps you probably don't want to play. Nice touch putting the watch video ad button right where continue button should be. Skewering free to play and the clone madness in one game.

It’s all in fun and it is funny, sure. Is it a sad statement about the App Store? It's that too. Is it worth your time, eh. Perhaps it's a bit too much of an inside joke for most. Did you notice that Hearthstone is out?

iPhone Screenshots

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HodappyBird screenshot 1 HodappyBird screenshot 2 HodappyBird screenshot 3 HodappyBird screenshot 4 HodappyBird screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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HodappyBird screenshot 6 HodappyBird screenshot 7 HodappyBird screenshot 8 HodappyBird screenshot 9 HodappyBird screenshot 10
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