Last week, a member of a focus testing group broke his NDA and provided Joystiq with information and images of a previously unknown title called Mass Effect: Jacob's Story for the iPhone and iPod Touch. What was made available at that time was that this game would follow right behind the highly anticipated Mass Effect 2 story-wise. You'll be taking the roll of Jacob Taylor, "a biotic-powered super-soldier who stumbles across a plot to terrorize civilization's greatest beacon of hope." The final bit of information we were left with was that the game would last about 2 hours and cost $2.99.

Chris Priestly, forum Community Coordinator for BioWare posted additional details about the leak, confirming that BioWare is in fact making the game for both the iPhone and iPod Touch and won't leave you out in the cold if you miss the game and just skip right to Mass Effect 2. The price is the only thing that it looks like could change with this title, everything else seems to fit up exactly with what was previously leaked and what Priestly confirmed.

I'll have to admit, I purchased Mass Effect and have let it collect dust on my shelf since it came out. I've heard both great and awful things about the game, but just haven't been compelled to really dig into it. Perhaps with the sequel coming out and this iPhone app on its way, it might be worth it for me to give it another look.

We've posted the leaked screenshots below for you to take a gander at. Let us know what you think about Mass Effect: Jacob's Story for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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