Ion Audio in association with Atari, today introduced the iCade. An arcade machine look alike tabletop dock with a joystick designed to turn your iPad into an arcade machine.

The product first turned up as an April Fools joke from Thinkgeek. But now it's real! We're on the way to check it out and we'll have full details soon. Until then, here's a shot to hold you over.

Questions we have include does this work with more than Atari games, and of course how much and when?

Update 1/10: We are back from CES now -- getting a connection there was a bit of an issue. So here's the update.

The iCade will be on sale this quarter for $99. It's Bluetooth based meaning that any developer that wants to will be able to use the controller. Initially we'll see classic games from Atari released with support for the iCade. We hope we'll see a bunch more follow quickly after.

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