Haegin has recently released a major update for their popular baseball game, Homerun Clash. It introduces a brand new game mode for Clan Members, a Legendary Batter and a host of new equipment and styles for players to choose from.

The new game mode is called Clan Arena, which Haegin has described as an upgraded version of the existing Clan Battle. As the name implies, players will need to be part of a Clan to participate, and they can only play the mode ten times per hour.

The mode will take place in various Stadiums. The location is determined by the chosen character and the power of their equipment. By emerging victorious with a Buff card equipped and playing at their final Stadium or another that's one level below, players will net themselves additional Clan Points (CP).

Meanwhile, Victoria is the latest Legendary Batter to join the game's roster. She was formerly a horseback rider but has turned her hand to baseball with powerful and stable batting techniques. Her special ability allows her to get critical hits.

Beyond that, a host of new fun factors have been introduced. They include four Greek mythology-inspired pieces of equipment for players to collect. Similarly, Nahee has a new style called Funky alongside the addition of backstories for other characters.

Finally, Homerun Clash has received several balance adjustments. They include tweaks to Legendary Batters, the arrival of a report system and various UI tweaks to help improve the player's experience.

Homerun Clash is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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