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Posted by Campbell Bird on December 14th, 2020
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The end game of Genshin Impact largely revolves around spending resin to take on world bosses and clear domain challenges. These fights grant amazing rewards like rare artifacts and ascension materials for weapons and adventurers, but obviously only if you're up for the challenge.

Of all the world bosses in Genshin Impact, by far the most difficult is Oceanid. This hydro boss spawns waves of enemies and unleashes powerful elemental explosions, all while your field of battle submerges underwater. It's intense, and--at times--downright brutal, but if you have any hydro adventurers like Mona, Tartaglia (Childe), Xinqiu, or Barbara, you need to defeat this boss to ascend them. Read on below for some tips on how to make the Oceanid fight a little more manageable.

Roster planning

Because of Oceanid's various methods of attack, it's one of the few fights outside of the Spiral Abyss that actually requires some careful planning when it comes to selecting your cast of adventurers to fight it.

Since Oceanid is all hydro, obviously your hydro adventurers are off the table. You also need a good amount of damage, as Oceanid will punish you for not clearing enemy waves quickly enough, so it's worth considering having two pyro adventurers on your squad for the 25% attack elemental resonance bonus.

Outside of that, you also need to make sure you have a ranged character. Some of Oceanid's enemies fly, and they're almost impossible to hit without a bow or catalyst.

Along with these considerations, you should also be thinking about how well the team works together generally, as well. You'll need damage, healing, protection, and utility to make it through this fight successfully. For my own roster, I use a team made up of Bennett (Healer + Pyro #1), Xiangling (Pyro #2), Beidou (Shield Utility + DPS), and Ningguang (Range + Shield Utility + DPS), and find that it works pretty well to let me dish out plenty of damage while staying alive.

Co-op help

If you aren't in a situation where you have roster flexibility to design an Oceanid team, this is where Genshin Impact's co-op capabilities can be a huge help. Simply invite friends or join someone's world and ask if they can help you with Oceanid. You can also offer to help them with anything else they might need to return the favor.

This is exactly what I did until I built up a team that could kill Oceanid, and it got me most of the way to a fully ascended Tartaglia (Childe). If you aren't keen on jumping into random players' worlds, you can also join the Genshin Impact Discord, where there are entire channels dedicated to players matchmaking, most of whom are looking for help with Oceanid.

The fight

The interesting thing about the Oceanid fight is that it isn't a direct confrontation between you and a swirling water monster. Instead, Oceanid hangs out just out of reach and spawns in waves of water enemies to fight you. As you defeat these waves, the Oceanid incurs damage until its life bar reaches zero. After every two waves of enemies, you'll get a slight break in the fight as platforms of your fighting arena sink into the water.

Here are some general tips about fighting all of these creatures:

    • All enemies deal hydro damage and are immune to hydro damage.
    • All enemies can stand on water, so don't try to chase or knock them off of platforms.
    • Cranes retreat when you try to attack, so try to kill them quickly or from a distance.
    • Boars regenerate their health, so it's wise to focus on killing them one at a time.
    • The large birds and frogs have powerful attacks that cover a large distance. Try to save your stamina to dash out of range of these attacks.
    • The flying birds have frustratingly fast attacks and are hard to reach. Pummel them with your ranged characters and save any ranged elemental bursts to try and deal with them quickly.

In addition to all of these tips, it's important to always be efficient in dispatching all of these enemies, as Oceanid will hit you with a powerful and unavoidable hydro attack if you take too long killing any enemy waves.

Signs you aren't ready

Almost every other world boss fight in Genshin Impact is completable with a little pattern recognition and patience, but this is not the case with Oceanid. You might find yourself struggling simply because you aren't strong enough to beat it. Here are some signs that you should consider powering up or otherwise changing your team to clear this fight:

    • You get hit by a hydro attack for taking to long to defeat a wave of enemies
    • Any kind of enemy kills your adventurers quickly
    • Elemental reactions that are usually powerful against hydro don't deal much damage

Even if these things aren't happening to you, it's entirely conceivable that the Oceanid may still beat you down. Some of the fight boils down to which enemies spawn in each wave and how prepared/lucky you are to overcome these challenges. So with these tips in mind, know that Oceanid likely still won't be a cakewalk.

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