Brian Akaka, CEO and Founder of Appular just sent over a teaser for the latest game from Freeverse, Flick NBA Basketball. This is the third game in the Flick series (Bowling and Fishing with Baseball coming in the near future). The trailer doesn't show much besides the court, with especially stunning reflection, but it's enough to peak our interest so I dug a little deeper.

This is the first licensed NBA game to hit the iPhone & iPod Touch and features all-stars such as Shaq, Kobe, Kevin Garnett, LeBron, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade and more. This is a game that features ultra-realistic 3D models of NBA superstars where you play different challenges like 3 point shootout, HORSE, and more in a similar fashion to the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Flick NBA Basketball will launch during the NBA Playoffs (late April or May). As we get more info, videos, and screenshots we'll be sure to keep you posted.

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