The quick demo I got of Dawn of Titans at Los Angeles’ Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on Wednesday showed me a massive battle that my presenter (CEO of Natural Motion, Torsten Reil) controlled with swipes and taps on the iPad. When he brought in the titular Titan to smash its way through the gathering enemy forces, it reminded me quite a bit of the recent Game of Thrones episode where the giant Wildling wades into battle, smashing foes out of the way with powerful swipes of a massive club. How fun is that going to be? So fun, that’s how fun.

Natural Motion’s Dawn of Titans is an action-strategy game with a beautiful sheen of lighting, particle effects, and massive environments that you’ll wage war against your friends over on your iPhone or iPad. It’s in soft-launch in select territories now, in fact.

Using their own Echo Engine, the team at Natural Motion have created a stunningly gorgeous battling game that gets up to several thousand characters onscreen and fighting at once.

When you’re not battling you’ll build a beautiful high-fantasy-style kingdom atop a floating island world, gathering resources and leveling-up your forces to get back into the fight when it’s time for war. Reil promised that Dawn of Titans has all this content and more, and it’s all organized into short sessions that can happen while you’re standing in line at your local coffee shop.

Dawn of Titans will be a free-to-play download coming soon to iOS and Android devices later this year, so get practicing your swipe and Titan summoning now while you wait.

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