Nordcurrent's food-em-up Cooking Fever is celebrating it's one year anniversary on the App Store this week, with a new location - Corn Dog Van - being added to the game to celebrate.

Originally released on August 19 last year, the game is a time management sim which asks you to cook a variety of delicious and exotic dishes from around the world - starting with fast food but them moving onto pizza, baked goods, and even sushi.

Corn Dog Van is the third summer location to be added to the Cooking's Fever’s tropical island, which previously boasted just ice cream and juice restaurants. At the van you can serve the corn dogs with a variety of condiments and a range of flavoured donuts.

The eleventh location to be added in the game's suite of restaurants, these don't just offer different cuisines - but also help to mix up the gameplay.

There’s another holiday-style restaurant to open at Cooking Fever’s Paradise Island soon too - we'll be sure to keep to keep you posted!

Boasting 50 million users, the game has also reached first place in the top Grossing Top 50 Charts in the US - so to see what all the fuss about for yourself is head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] now.

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