Bushel is a cloud-based mobile device management app that makes difficult tasks on your iPhone or iPad simpler.

Designed with business in mind, Bushel has some terrific features like a device inventory, that allows you to see your devices capacity, which devices your users are using and what apps they have installed, and the ability to remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen device.

Bushel also automates a lot of time-consuming tasks, like email configuration, device configuration, or installing apps to multiple devices simultaneously.

Charles Edge, Product Manager at Bushel, believes the simplicity and ease of use of the app is what really sets it apart.

Edge: "Bushel is a simple-to-use cloud-based tool that anyone can leverage to manage the Apple devices in their workplace and allows you to easily set-up and protect all new devices distributed to your team, or those they already have, through an intuitive web portal.

"Bushel’s simplicity gives less tech-savvy people an option to be able to manage devices completely by themselves. Other cloud services require large investment or an IT staff, which are both difficult for a small business to handle.

"Also, with our special focus on Apple products, our company can better allocate our dense knowledge of the Apple ecosystem to ultimately help the end user."

Edge and the development team have watched the app grow and help businesses to flourish and they're satisfied that they've managed to successfully achieve what they set out to do.

Edge: "Since launch, we are most proud at how much our product has helped real customers to manage their business more efficiently. This is what our intention was from day one, and to see it come to fruition is very satisfying."

However, the work doesn't stop here. The team is working hard on polishing the app but are also looking at user feedback to ensure that the most popular requested features make it into the app's pool of features.

Edge: "There is a lot of room for Bushel to improve in the future, but we definitely have to limit ourselves to retain the simplicity that defines Bushel.

"Rather than add more, we are looking to fine-tune Bushel to cater to the specific device management needs of various fields. This will hopefully make the experience more personal, and therefore more intuitive for each business we help."

"One of our newest features is the ability to send apps to a single device, which was highly requested. We also just launched the Bushel Affiliate Program where you’ll earn a percentage of a paying customer's monthly bill that you've referred as long as they are a Bushel customer.

Bushel doesn't currently have Android or Windows Phone support and there are no plans for that at this time, but it hasn't been completely ruled out.

Edge: "We really value our special focus on the Apple ecosystem, as it allows us to understand and utilize it to a deeper level. The presence of Apple in the enterprise is growing rapidly, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

"The market is good and it is what people want, so we don’t want to even partially step away from it now. we are ok with limiting our scope to focus on our deep-seeded Apple-based knowledge."

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