Yostar Games has dropped the latest story event for its strategic mobile RPG Arknights, entitled Stultifera Navis. A direct sequel to the previously released story Under Tides, the event will bring a gripping new instalment to the story, new furniture, outfits and even new operators.

Picking up from Under Tides, an Iberian coastal town has been unveiled, bringing the last surviving lighthouse, The Eyes of Iberia. The story follows Irene, as she leads the Abyssal Hunters and the Inquisition on a hunt for an Iberian dreadnought, lost during the silence. They must also defend the town from a Seaborn invasion. The event also marks the first time the underwater cities of Aegir will be explored.

By clearing the Stultifera Navis event, players will be able to collect Rusted Compass through a variety of means and use them to redeem items from Bitterscale Tavern, including Lumen’s Token and Stultifera Navis Reception Room Furniture. More excitingly, finishing the event will also award the 6-star operator Lumen, a specialist in healing and support to can curse status ailments.

Along with Lumen, the event will also introduce three further characters. The 6-star Specter the Unchained is a heavy damage dealer who can recover from knock-out during battle. Irene is also a 6 Star that specializes in crowd control. Finally, Windflit is a 5 Star operator that can support their allies via buffs.

The store has also been expanded with this new event, offering new items for purchase. The Bloodline of Combat Collection brings new outfits for Skadi, Gnosis and Aurora, with Mudrock, Tequila and Reed able to wear the new Ambience Synesthesia outfits.

Arknights is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. The Stultifera Navis event will run until November 24th, and players will be able to claim bonuses simply by logging in, including Daily Free Rolls and a 10-roll Headhunting Permit.

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