Animal Bar: Stockroom Scramble has officially launched for both iOS and Android devices today, letting players enjoy a unique LCD handheld game experience from their phone. The quirky arcade game from indie developer Playful Fox Games replicates that old-school '80s vibe and packs a whole lot of nostalgia, along with a digital "unboxing" players can get into to complete the experience.

In Animal Bar: Stockroom Scramble, players get to experience what it's like working their beverage bar's stockroom from Animal Bar, the indie developer's upcoming title. There are three variations to choose from (Classic, Arcade and Hardcore) across two game modes for a 6-in-1 experience, as well as legit retro aesthetics that include the ACL button (found on some Game & Watch systems) that acts as an Auto-Clear function.

"Like a hardware manufacturer would, our team did research on multiple LCD handhelds such as the famous Nintendo Game & Watch games, the Mattel Electronics games, the later Tiger Electronics games, and various clone handhelds from the 80s and early 90s. Once we had a good idea of the common features and quirks of these devices, we imagined how one might look if it were made to fit neatly onto a phone screen," says Ryan Dunnison, founder of Playful Fox Games.

There are tons of other features to enjoy such as contrast adjustment, a clock mode and even a full black and white game manual, so if you're keen on experiencing them for yourself, you can download Animal Bar: Stockroom Scramble on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices today.

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