The latest entry in the acclaimed Hello Hero series, Hello Hero All Stars, has now launched for Android and iOS. It’s a super ambitious idle RPG that brings together hundreds of collectable heroes from the earlier games and adds a bunch more on top.

Hello Hero’s popularity stems from its quirky characters and constantly rewarding gameplay. While it’s an idle game, the combat requires plenty of tactical thought thanks to the smart coordinate lock system.

All heroes have their own strengths and weaknesses, so some teams will struggle against certain enemy types. This means you’ll need to keep optimising your party in order to pull off impressive combos. It also helps that the excellent core combat is supported by some stellar character and environmental designs that really help bring the fantastical world to life.

Amassing a huge roster of heroes is one of the game’s biggest hooks. Due to All Star’s reliable drawing system, you won’t be held back by new recruits that aren’t of much use. The game has also done away with irritating level caps, meaning you can keep using and levelling your favourite heroes from the beginning to the end of your adventure. That extends to the other modes too, which include a sizable adventure mode and tons of tricky co-op missions.

If Hello Hero All Stars sounds like the idle RPG for you, just nip on over to the App Store or Google Play where the game is now available for download.

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