Adventurer Manager is an upcoming RPG and management sim that's said to feature lots of depth, randomization, and customization options. Players are tasked with recruiting adventurers to send out in search of loot and rewards. There are seven races and eight different classes of adventurer, each with their own unique qualities. Players can send their adventurers out on their own or take control of them in turn-based combat that leads to bonus rewards. Players are also able to equip their adventurers with common to rare equipment and level up their stat points and skills.

- Unlock secret bonuses by organizing your Adventurers into 4 separate parties and arranging their formation front to back!
- Undertake story and endlessly generated Adventures from over a dozen different locations on a large world map!
- Unique boss mobs to challenge your toughest Adventurers!
- Equip and level up your ruler and upgrade your castle to impart benefits to all of your Adventurers!
- Avoid deadly traps!
- Choose your Adventurers wisely for each Adventure because if your Adventurers die they stay dead…sorta. Resurrecting them isn't cheap!
- Original retro soundtrack!

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