Act None has announced the sequel to its maiden mobile game, Eldrum: Untold, fittingly titled Eldrum: Red Tide. With gameplay taking inspiration from the old table-top RPGs of yore, Red Tide features multiple endings and a lot of replayability.

Eldrum: Red Tide follows the story of a soldier who was trained to defend peace and keep order. As a guardsman of their hometown, the protagonist is used to dealing with the odd scraps and the blaggards that roam every city, however, they were ill-prepared when the war came. After their city is burned to ash, the protagonist wakes up in an infirmary and sets out on a quest to find his family in a world ravaged by war.

One of the most satisfying phrases to hear in gaming is “your choices count” and that is what Red Tide offers players. There are many impactful choices to be made through the game's text-based journey that will lead players down a branching narrative that ultimately leads to one of the multiple available endings.

Text conversations are just one set of choices to be made, as there are multiple different play styles that can be experienced depending on how the character is developed. When words fail or a wrong turn is taken when exploring the world, players will be thrust into turn-based combat, so it is equally important to ensure equipment is kept up to scratch.

Eldrum: Red Tide is available to pre-order now on the App Store and Google Play this fall, and whilst not confirmed if it follows the same pricing model as its predecessor there will be a free trial up to a point, after which the full game will need to be brought to continue the game. Act None has also confirmed that Red Tide will feature a lot of accessibility options, being particularly accommodating to both low-vision and blind players, which is a particularly nice touch.

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