Yes, yes, we know, we're late announcing the winner of last week's game of the week award. But it's not because we forgot, oh no, it's because there's so much going on in the world of mobile gaming at the moment that sometimes it's a bit too easy to lose track.

We're all here now though, and we can reveal that last week's game of the week award goes to the lovely Hungry Dragon from Ubisoft. Yes, it's a bit of a reskinning of another successful game, but if you dig deeper you'll find a lot more to Hungry Dragon than that. Here's why we think it's a worthy winner.

For one thing, the design here is spectacular. You can really tell that there's a triple A publisher's oomph behind this one. It's shiny in all the right places, and the dragons that you're collecting look amazing.

Then there's the gameplay. It's so simple to dive into the game and start eating everything that you can. And it's even easier to jump back in after you've died to make sure your numbers are going in the right direction.

It might not have the depth or longevity that some people crave, but this is a brilliant slice of perfectly honed mobile gaming, and it deserves to be played by as many people as possible.

If that's tickled your fancy you can click here to grab Hungry Dragon from the App Store right now. And if you click here you'll find out what last week's game of the week was. And hell, let's go for the triple. Click here and you'll be able to cast your vote in this week's game of the week award as well.

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