It was a close fought thing, but we've double checked all of our sums, and we can now confirm that the winner of the second 148Apps game of the week award is Dead Island: Survivors. A bloody good show, if you'll pardon the pun.

But what was it that pushed this tale of undead hooligans, flesh eating monsters, and bat-wielding heroes to the front of the queue? Well, apart from all of those things, we reckon Dead Island: Survivors got one thing spot on.

And that's that it's a whole bunch of fun. It mixes together tower defense and dungeon-crawling violence with great aplomb, and it's not afraid to chuck new ideas into the mix when things are in danger of getting a little staid.

You can click here to grab the game from the App Store right now for free, and since it's our game of the week, we reckon that you should definitely do that. Like, right now.

Click here and you'll see the competition that Dead Island: Survivors was up against, and if you click here you'll discover what our very first game of the week was. It was also pretty damn awesome.

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