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It's that time of the week again, when we pick the five most interesting games that have come out on the App Store over the past seven days, and give you the chance to pick your favorite. And we reckon it's a pretty good crop this week, all told.

If you want to have your say, then there are a few ways to do it. You can comment at the bottom of the article, send us a tweet @148Apps using the hashtag #148GOW with your vote, or head on over to our Facebook page and post a comment. All the votes will be counted up on Monday, and we'll announce the winner next Tuesday.

Rocket Valley Tycoon - download for iOS

A masterful mixture of an idle clicker, a sim, a city builder, and more. It's massive and small at the same time, and everything that it tries to do it does with cheeky swagger and a big grin all over its cartoon-y face.

Why we think you'll love it: Because there's so much to do, but you're never overwhelmed. And while it's free to play, the monetization is handled brilliantly. Plus, it's just a really big chunk of time-consuming fun.

Best Rally - download for iOS

If you're going to call your game Best anything, you really need to make sure it's a polished and entertaining experience, and Best Rally definitely ticks those two boxes. Bezzing around little race tracks has rarely been so much fun.

Why we think you'll love it: Mainly because it's a super chunk of silly fun. But, at the same time, it manages to get its challenge level pretty much spot on. The floaty controls and skiddy tracks make for some reckless, tense fun.

Dead Island: Survivors - download for iOS

Zombies! Zombies are everywhere. And you need to mash their faces in. Dead Island: Survivors is a tie-in with the console series, and it's full of gore, the undead, and interesting characters you'll want to save from the walkers.

Why we think you'll love it: Well, it's one of the best polished games we've seen on the App Store for a good long while. Plus there's a good chunk of simple fun to be sucked out of this one. Run over there, smack a zombie, rinse and repeat.

DERE EVIL EXE - download for iOS

If you've ever played a challenging platformer before, you might be thinking you're more than up to the tasks that DERE EVIL EXE throws at you. Oh my word are you ever wrong though. There's difficult, then there's cruel, and this one is definitely the latter.

Why we think you'll love it: To be honest, we think you're probably going to hate it. But it's the sort of hatred that's going to keep pushing you on, even when you're weeping with rage. There aren't many games on mobile that can boast this sort of punishment.

Identity V - download for iOS

A mobile game with unbalanced multiplayer that's guaranteed to scare the pants off you? I mean, really, what's not to like about that? This one's full of jump shocks, creepy settings, and plenty of tactical multiplayer fun.

Why we think you'll love it: It's about a clown chasing you through a maze. If that doesn't sound like the best way to spend some of your digital free time, then quite frankly we don't know what does. It looks awesome too.

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