Far be it from me to interfere with the fun of office hi-jinx, but I've never understood the fun of sitting on top of a scanner and scanning one's crack. However, there are plenty of you who find this to be an amazing time, and now there is an app store tool to train for that office party extravaganza.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (or drunkenly take the dare), is to see how many scans you can get before time runs out. When I say time runs out, what I mean is, "before you fall over in a drunken stupor or get caught by the jack hammer that is management and end up using that butt scan as an attachment to your resume."

I seriously enjoy the concept of this game. A simple butt scan game is fun and quirky for the same reason any fart, burp, or various other society shunned action game is. However, being marketed as a training for the big day, the office party, makes it even more fun. Rather than just enjoying butt scanning for butt scanning sake, butt scanners can map out the best plan, practice it, and perfect it.

Depending on how well this takes off, I wouldn't be surprised to see every cubicle gifted with a pair of sweet cheeks this year. Practice makes perfect!


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