The best how-to guides actually explain how to do things that people actually need answers to. In between all the meme pictures on Reddit, I came across a very good question on r/ipad: “How do I get videos taken with my iPhone onto my iPad?” Well, NoAirBanding, here’s a guide that runs down the various ways on how to get videos takenw ith your iPhone on to your iPad?

[img id="CameraConnectionKit-300x215.jpg"]The simplest and most elegant method is to use the Camera Connection Kit. This will allow photos to be transferred directly from the iPhone to the iPad via USB cable.

Plug the USB adapter of the Camera Connection Kit into the iPad. Then, take a standard iOS USB cable, plug the dock connector into the iPhone, and then plug the USB connector into the Camera Connection Kit. After a few seconds, Photos should open up, and the photos and videos from the iPhone should be displayed (the thumbnails will take a short amount of time to be generated).

Just select what you want to import from the iPhone, tap the import button at the bottom, and the selected videos or photos will be transferred from the iPhone to the iPad. This does work when importing from the iPod touch as well. However, it is not possible to export photos from the iPad to the iPhone. The official adapters cost $29, though there are cheaper third-party variations available on discount electronics sites and eBay.

If you don’t want to buy expensive cables, then it is possible to send them over the air. While there are apps that can transfer videos, for those that want to keep quality in their transfers, the crudest yet best solution is to email videos to yourself. Select the video from Photos, tap the arrow, and select Share.

Then tap the email button, and send the video to an email address you own. Open up the email, tap the arrow to download the video. Once that’s finished, tap and hold on the video file and an option to “Save Video” should appear.

Finally, there’s always synchronization through iTunes. Just copy the videos from your iPhone to a specified folder. Then in iTunes, set this folder to synchronize with the iPad. This will get any videos that are placed in the folder to transfer to the iPad whenever it is synchronized. The drawback is obvious, though: needing a computer in the middle of the process, and needing to use iTunes.

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