Update: 5/13/2008 6:30pm Pacific

We heard back from Dan Chavez from LTI Gray Matter today. They are the company that ported the game to the iPhone and released the video yesterday, for Tony Hawks birthday.

The rest of the story is that it was done as a tech demo to show that there is a desire by users for the Tony Hawk franchise on the iPhone. Will we ever see it released, not too likely at this point.

Not that Tony Hawk is scheduled to announce the next version of his franchise on Friday. It's possible that the iPhone may factor into that, but then again, they might just focus on the third gen consoles.

LTI Gray Matter have removed the video from YouTube, but it was copied by someone else and we've switched it out below for the mirror.

Touch Arcade has more details.

Earlier today, this video started making the rounds, raising quite a buzz.

[youtube 2PFZDt5VpXo]

The video shows what is reported to be Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 running on an iPod Touch. Make sure you watch it in HD for the best picture.

We can confirm that it's 100% real.

That's right -- we had a chance to talk to an inside source and got the full story. This is a full port of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, soundtrack and all the levels included, running flawlessly on an iPod Touch. In the video, the white cord you see coming from the device is running sound directly into the camera.

The developer was tight lipped as to whether or not we'd actually see this port in the iTunes App Store. But what we do know is that if the buzz raised over this game video is any indication of the buzz that the full app would receive, the people clearly want it.

In a year when we'll see some of the biggest game franchises coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch, we want to, no we NEED to see Tony Hawk on the iPhone as well.

By the way, happy birthday Tony Hawk!

Thanks to Touch Arcade for bringing this game to our attention.

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