There's a Titanfall card battler coming out. So that's a thing. Now let's all take a moment to think about the sort of content we could spin out of that fact. Remember to consider SEO while your cogs are whirring.

Oh wait, I've got it, let's look at some of the other tie-in games that have come out on the App Store and have a good old laugh about them.

Who knows, we might even find some good ones out there? I can think of like maybe two. I'll try and think some more as I get deeper into the list, but I'm not promising anything. Let's just roll with it and see what happens.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

Oh look we've found a good one to start things off with. Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is like a slightly dumbed down version of Square's GO games, but it's still an awful lot of fun.

It's a smart puzzler that sees you leading Nathan Drake through a series of mazes. You'll be pushing switches, grabbing treasure, and cracking wise.

And there's none of the mass murder that comes with the console games either. And quite frankly that's brilliant.

Fallout Shelter

Oh look, it's another one of those strategy management games. But this time it's in the Fallout universe so it's like all cutesy and kitsch and in a bunker.

And on top of that it's actually quite a good take on the genre. It throws in a few good ideas, twists things up just enough to keep you interested, and has radioactive monsters in it.

Sure it's not the full Fallout experience, or you know, anywhere near it, but it's still a brilliant diversion from the drudgery of vault life. No, wait, real life.

Mortal Kombat X

Oh. It was going so well. This one might have some of the panache of the console games, but when it comes to the crunching violence that the series is known for, it falls a little bit flat.

There's still loads of blood and gore, but this is very much on the casual side of the fighter genre. There are punches, there are kicks, and you're not really involved that much in any of them.

But if you're desperate for some Mortal Kombat action on your mobile, well, there aren't really that many options to be honest.

BattleBorn Tap

Well, no one really liked BattleBorn did they? I think it's because it came out at the same time as Overwatch, which was actually a pretty good game.

But one thing BattleBorn did have was a mobile tie-in game. Specifically this one. And, er, I guess it's okay. It's all about tapping, as you might have been able to work out from the name.

It's a clicker, but a clicker with enough of a twist that you're going to have a lovely old time playing it. Unless your fingers are sore, then you should give it a miss.

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