It's Friday, it's nearly the weekend, and it's time to look ahead to some of the awesome iPhone and iPad games you're going to be playing next week. And there are some really interesting titles headed to the App Store over the next seven days.

Sure, there aren't loads of them, but we've got a couple of puzzlers, an adorable idle game, and a super-shiny looking shooter, so there's probably going to be something that catches your eye on the list.

If you've got your own suggestions, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article. And if you want to check out what we thought were the five best games that came out this week, and pick one of them to win our game of the week award, all you have to do is click right here.

Golf Peaks

- pre-order for iOS

This one's a golf game with a pretty big difference. Instead of hitting the ball, you're chosing cards to move it around the course. Each level gives you a set number of cards to use, and you'll need to play them all to get the ball in the hole. It's the sort of game that's going to tax your grey matter, and even if you don't like golf there's a lot to love here.


- pre-order for iOS

A puzzler that requires you to work out its internal logic before you figure out its puzzles. It's got a stark art design, and more than 75 different challenges for you to figure out. It's not going to be a game for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for a head-scratcher that's really going to work its way under your skin, you should probably get this one pre-ordered already.

Tsuki Adventure

- pre-order for iOS

A rabbit decides to give up the hectic city life and return to the country to farm carrots. That's the story behind Tsuki Adventure. It's a cute, simple game that sees you enjoying the rural pleasures that the outdoors has to offer. Make friends with other animals, grow carrots, and forget the awful rat race if only for a bit.

Black Paradox

- pre-order for iOS

A space-based shooter that sees you playing as a bounty hunter. You're trying to bring a criminal organization's reign of terror to an end. And you're going to do it by shooting them all. There's loads of levels, a bunch of bosses, and an upgrade system that means your spaceship is always going to be up for the job. Throw in chunky retro graphics and you're in for a treat.

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