Well, if this week's new releases were a little underwhelming, it's fair to say that the current crop of sales on the App Store is following a similar pattern. But that's not going to stop us from rounding up the very best games for iPhone and iPad that are going cheaper than usual at the moment.

And while we say it isn't the best crop, one of the games on the list is acknowledged by many to be the finest experience you can get on mobile, so it's not all doom and gloom. And there are a few other decent games too. So settle in and let's get this show somewhere close to the road.

Seul.(Alone) The entrée - CYOA - download for iOS (now 99c)

One of the weirdest games on the App Store, and right now you can get it for less than a buck. It's a text-adventure that's dripping with weirdness, but in the best possible way. It's macabre, gloomy as hell, but it's still going to pull you into its bizarre happenings with ease. If you like being freaked out, get it picked up.

Gangster Granny 2: Madness - download for iOS (now free)

It's a game about a granny with a machine gun shooting things until they're dead. There's no subtlety here, and if it cost anything it'd probably be too much. But since it's free at the moment that's not a concern. It's a big, stupid distraction, and if that's the sort of thing you're after you could do a lot worse.

Animus - Stand Alone - download for iOS (now $3.99)

Some people call this one the Dark Souls of mobile. We're not entirely sure it's worthy of that sort of praise, but it is a damn good swords-and-magic action RPG. It's tough as well, and there's a darkness at its heart that some players are going to love. Anyone with a penchant for violence and dodging should definitely get it grabbed.

Monument Valley 2 - download for iOS (now $1.99)

The cherry on top of the cake. Monument Valley 2 is brilliant. There's so much been said about it already that trying to add anything else to the discourse in a single paragraph is probably a waste of time. Basically, if you've not played it yet, go and pick it up right this second. You will not be disappointed, I promise you that.

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Doodle God - download for iOS (now 99c)

One of the mainstays of iOS gaming. Doodle God is all about combining elements into other elements in order to create the world. It's not the most interesting game in the world, but there's a cool calmness to it that makes it easy to lose a few hours in.

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