Telltale Games' next episodic adventure is indeed Guardians of the Galaxy. A document tied to the voice actors strike suggested that the project was in the work, but now we have direct confirmation following an announcement at the Game Awards that Telltale is indeed taking us to the stars to roam around with our favorite space misfits.

Along with a brand new teaser trailer, we learned that the game hopes to mix "humor, emotion, teamwork, and full-on sci-fi action," and will allow players to assume the role of a number of different characters.

Telltale's best work in their series of episodic adventures is arguably Tales from the Borderlands, and we're hoping that Guardians of the Galaxy will try to emulate that sort of feel. The material is all there after all--Guardians is an irreverent space odyssey that embraces strong characters and humor, and tonally it most closely resembles Tales from the Borderlands. Here's hoping Star Lord and friends will make an impact when the game launches.

Guardians of the Galaxy debuts on mobile, consoles, and PC sometime in 2017.

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