Super Kung Fu All-Star Brawl is a 3D fighter from InterServ International Inc that's now available as a premium title on iOS. It will see players testing out their fighting skills in either singleplayer versus AI or local multiplayer modes.

It also supports Apple TV functionality so you can play it on the big screen with a few pals. In terms of controller options for playing the game this way, it will, naturally, work with the standard Apple TV controller but you'll want to check third party controller compatibility if that's what you're using.

The game itself is fairly straightforward and bare bones. Four players – which will be a variation of AI and player-controlled fighters depending on your set up – will battle it out in a variety of different arenas until there's a winner.

You'll be able to punch, kick, block and evade your opponents so timing will paramount if you want to clinch victory. Based on the trailer – which you can see above – there appear to be a plethora of combos you can use that can result in acrobatic attacks and throws.

There are 8 different fighters to choose from with each having access to their own martial art skills, so there are multiple characters to learn. On top of their own skillset, there will be orbs that appear in the area you can collect. Grabbing three of them will transform that character into the ultimate beast warrior, giving them an array of powerful attacks.

If hand-to-hand combat isn't really within your remit a plethora of different weapons will also periodically spawn around the arena. So you'll want to grab them before other players to before proceeding to try and beat them into submission.

Super Kung Fu All-Star Brawl is available now on the App Store. It's a premium title that costs $1.99.

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