I've lost count of how many times a day I go to open an app just to search for something quickly. With apps devoted to Wikipedia, IMDb, Twitter, eBay and not forgetting Safari with the Google search bar, that's a lot of apps to consult. Many other people also have apps for Flickr, Last.fm, Dictionary themed apps and Amazon. Search Ninja has arrived to consolidate all of that in one quick and easy app.

It's an app entirely focused on speed (much like a ninja). As soon as it's opened, the iOS device keyboard is unveiled for quick access. Users can search everything from numerous search engines like Google and Bing, to Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDb, Amazon, Flickr, Google Places and more, with the ability to add extras if they so wish. Smart filtering helps along the way while a search history function means it's simple for users to check what they've done in the past.

Search Ninja is available now for $0.99 and could well be a great timesaver.

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