Puppoz is a new, cutesy action game from developer Superstar Games that sees a bunch of canines darting about different levels popping balloons. It's a free game that you can download now for both iOS and Android devices.

Puppoz will see you making your way through 15 different levels, popping balloons as you go. Doing so is pretty simple, all you have to do is run into them. The overall aim is also very straightforward, pop as many as you can in a bid to earn yourself a higher score.

Each level will attempt to offer you a slightly different experience, though the main objective will always stay the same. It's possible to unlock additional puppies – three of them in total – that will have increased movement speed, perfect for popping more balloons for a better score.

There are power-ups you can grab from the floor too that will provide you with various bonuses. One of which includes speeding around the level on a skateboard whilst another may give you additional time to rack up those high scores.

There are also bonus levels to find where you'll have to choose between multiple paths. There might simply be another balloon to be found there or there could be treasure, it all comes down to chance. You can watch some gameplay from Puppoz in the embedded trailer above.

Puppoz is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a completely free game that is supported by adverts.

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