Preview: Cogs By Lazy 8 Studios

Posted by Arron Hirst on January 23rd, 2010

UPDATE January 22, 2010: The latest video trailer is out, and it looks mighty good.

Fancy a new puzzle challenge? Published by Chillingo, Cogs is an upcoming, innovative logic-based puzzle game from the guys and girls over at Lazy 8 Studios. Just through the simple motion of sliding titles with various metal cogs attached, the game sees you the player building a variety of mechanical machines and crafts. The aim of the game is to get all the metal cogs turning on the playing board, achieved by ensuring each cog touches the next one beside it all the while keeping your overall number of moves to a minimum. What makes Cogs different to your normal tile-sliding puzzler however is the playing board. It's not flat. Using two fingers, and adapted for multi-touch, the board is rotatable giving you a birds eye view of where best to make your next move.

Cogs plays out in two modes; Inventor mode and Challenge mode. In Inventor mode you're giving a brief of what the outcome should be after completing each level. Challenge mode however is a little more pressured, seeing a 30 second time limit introduced, and just 10 moves to find each solution to each puzzle! Paying through 50 levels of coglicious slidification, your skills will be put to the test across 3 specific categories. Whether you managed to find the solution, the time it took you to find that individual solution and how many moves in total it took you to find the solution. Each of these in-game aspects are then marked out of 3 stars.

With its oldy-worldy 3D animated visuals and simplistic gameplay, Cogs is, in my opinion, a fun-filled offering and definitely one to watch. Set to be submitted to Apple early next week, we're told that the final version will include some sort of in-app purchase system, which can only mean one thing .. more levels anyone?


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