Since launching in 2014, players of the mobile shooter War Robots have been pitting its players against each other in purely PvP battles, and it has been a jolly good time. After a brief limited-time event in May 2022, a PvE mode has finally launched for those commanders who want to take to the field solo.

If you have not heard about War Robots, then it does what it says on the tins. You pick a giant robot to control, and then wade into a giant PvP battle and engage in a robo-rumble. Matches can be entered in teams or solo depending on how you wish to play, with a plethora of roles and guns to pick from. Now, however, there is a new way to play.

Dubbed Extermination, this permanent PvE is available now as of update 8.8 and is not recommended for those arachnophobic amongst us. This is because you will be getting your squad of mechs together, and doing battle against giant robotic spiders, with the levels increasing in difficulty, but also giving better rewards.

When you start out, you will be fighting some little ankle-biters named Ticks, that will swarm you but overall won’t be too much of an issue. The enemies will get progressively more difficult throughout the levels and will test even the most seasoned player, culminating in the boss of Extermination, the rather intimidating sounding Bastion.

When discussing the new version, War Robots Executive Producer, Boris Burangulov, said: “At times, players' ideas can diverge from developers' vision, but that was not the case with the PvE mode in War Robots. It seems like anyone who has ever played the game has dreamt about it at least once.

“So when the opportunity arose to make it a reality, it was a perfect storm: players had been asking for it, and the team couldn't wait to deliver. It was a challenging project, but also a fun and exciting thing to do.”

To enjoy some PvE spider squishing action, download War Robots now from the App Store and Google Play.

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